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Stranglers Winter 2004 Tour

My British 04 winter tour started at 8am in the pouring Brighton rain! On to my train for - ooh the best part of six and a half hours all told!

Newcastle Arena

How weird is this, we played here in December to 12,000 people and tonight we play in 'the Bar' in front of 1200 nutty Geordies and Makems - all North-Easterners to you and me! The usual first night nerves but as we are all on a high things went very smoothly indeed and there was plenty of time to party before the following days exercises! At least no-one was walking around with popcorn tonight! Ha Ha. [?]


Always a rocking night, this sell-out show was possibly one of the best two shows on the tour. Many thanks - nuff said. Oh a sell-out too. [wants to make sure you didn't miss that]


I have a great affection for the people and the gig - we were away too long. I always remember this show as the one before Glasgow, one awesome gig to another. Well tonight was no exception, loud, sweaty, hot and absolutely fab. The best night of all for me. Sell-out.


The last time we were here - my first - was fantastic and tonight was just the same. Who needs the Arena when you've the Leadmills. An extremely loud night in which Dave had THE MOST VOLUME I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. Sell-out.


Very interesting, no balcony - erm 30 feet from the audience, very frustrating but how much do I enjoy Glaswegian audiences. A sell-out but the fans were too far away. The band is sounding so tight now and the set is tweaked and seamless.

The next 24 hours get very interesting. We have to empty all our stuff into holdalls and get out of bed at 6am [say aah] to get on a private plane down to Cannes in the South of France. We have been asked to play for an extremely small but extremely wealthy company. What an odd night. Our stage was at the back of a bar/restaurant in The Majestic Hotel along the famous 'Croisette' where many expos and business events are held. A lot of fun but no sleep and we have to get on an airliner the following morning to hook up with the tour and our suitcases! We could only take 10 kilos of luggage each! Phew - day off and sleep.


Well apparently this was an awesome show but the sound wasn't great and some w**ker spat on me! Not impressed. Blinding review tho'. Audience in full voice as usual and very strange for me to have to stay in our hotel. Sell-out.

A fabulous week for us as BIG THING COMING HIT 31 IN THE POPCHARTS. Woooo! We celebrate well into the next day. Retail therapy too today and a visit from my girlfriend.


We haven't played here for some time but we managed to sell the show out. Unusual audience who insisted that someone is a fat b*****d - don't know who they mean, I'm sure!? But I hope some of our fantastic Norwich fans turned up. Great night though and I managed to run to our hotel unnoticed!!


Well all too soon it is over - a normal nutty Notts night - like it, but extra fun was in the shape of Dorian 'nobby' West, England and Leicester Tigers rugby star and the captain of said teams, Martin Johnson, pogoing away in the mosh pit. I'm surprised Martin didn't think it was a match and head to the stage with a rolling maul! Needless to say we celebrated all night and all agreed it had been the best UK tour for years. The new material slipped in perfectly and the fans were awesome. We had a sell-out tour and a hit - what could be better.....another tour and another hit - well you will just have to wait. In the meantime there is always the Euro tour!

Thank you all again and see you soon.

Paul xx

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