Tour Diaries

The Stranglers. The Best Of British, Midem, 2000.

Day One - 23/01.

Never been to one of these (Midem, an music industry only festival) before, and I suppose it is not really the 'artists' thing, more business. We are the main event. The hotel we are at is the centre of attention every night. Ours is 'the hottest ticket in town' apparently, and I am aware that we will basically be performing to most of the music industry in at least Europe. The hotel reception is packed and we are checked in and hauled off for dinner. It's like someone has moved all the people in the business side of music that I've ever met to my hotel!

Day Two - 24/01.

A walk along the seafront in Cannes is a pretty good way to start the day. At 12 30 we soundcheck and we have Max back with us for this one. Then on to an intriguing press conference for the British industry with my old mucker Chris Smith (Culture Secretary in UK government) where he makes a speech about the government's commitment to creativity and music in the youth of Britain etc. It sounded very promising I have to say. Pictures were taken all round and then we went down to the beach to do some shots for our good friends Dr Martens which was quite fun. JJ did an early press conference and a short interview on the beach and that was that until the gig. I hadn't realised the effect of seeing these kind of people at a gig, or indeed how I'd react to being scrutinised as the 'new singer'. I mean, a Minister is no problem, but under these unusual circumstances it felt like I was starting with the band again. I guess I need not have worried, it was a great show and everyone seemed to love it, subsequently we were told that there hadn't been a reaction like this for a long time. It was an excellent feeling.....
… here's a funny thing.........After the show, a guy in a hideous blue leopard-skin (draylon or some such thing) jacket asks me if I remember a guy called Terry Pearce.......!!!!!!! **** ME I says (in a Cornish accent) "You what mate?". "He says Hi.". "..who are you?". I'm dumbstuck. "we've been working together for a few years. I met you years ago at a mutual friends house, I used to clear rubbish and stuff." (reeeaaally) OK, this is weird....but then he whips out a CD by the two of them.....Terry is the guy who played the bass with the band I started singing in (See I Talk To My Car, Made In Heaven and Brand New Melody on the discography - C.i.B.). What a shock I can tell about full circle.
Hit the hay at 5 to be up for Cannes.

Day Three - 25/01.

Hmmm got up - ish, struggled to breakfast. Went home......


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